Wedding Catering

INDIANWEDDINGSINTURKEY specializes in bringing the tastes from different states and countries to your wedding celebrations.  Mughlai food, continental, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, Gujarati, Rajasthani and whatever you desire is served by our catering team and special arrangements for national and international food, vegetarian and non-vegetarian is being made. Choose from our selection of sample menus, or let them inspire your imagination.

Food Tasting

As part of the wedding planning process, one of the favorite parts is food tasting.
The tasting is your opportunity to give your caterer feedback on specific dishes (too salty, not enough sauce, etc.) so the caterer can adjust the dish to your specifications.  It is also your opportunity to let your caterer know your likes and dislikes of the foodyou are served.

The Cake

Our talented Pastry Chef can create a beautiful customised wedding cake in the flavour of your preference. If you have a photograph of a special cake, we will be happy to prepare that cake for you. 

Menu Design

INDIANWEDDINGSINTURKEY offers an extensive array of menus to choose from. Alternatively, we can completely custom-design a menu for you, along with your choice of beverages.